Alex Calabuig

I studied web application development and then I studied video game programming, something that has always attracted me. Game programmer knowing C, C++, C#, Unity Engine, Unreal Engine and other platforms. Passionate about Game and UI design and I like UI programming, also I’m learning some 3D in Blender. Searching for a job.

Latest tutorials

Coding a Weather System [PART 1]

Hello everybody! Lately it came to my mind to create a small weather system for my game in Unity Engine, as I want it to be dynamic for each day and depending on the season. On a playable level it will affect the gameplay, but for that there is still a lot of time and…

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Creating and saving a mesh for a stylized waterfall generator

Okay, it seems that the title is tremendously specific, but this can be used for things other than waterfalls, but it is true that I made it thinking about it. In this tutorial I will create a CustomEditor to create and delete GameObjects at edit time, save the positions during several seconds of Ga…

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How to create a custom Property Attribute

This is one of the things you think you won’t do because you’ll never need it, but creating a small tool to generate meshes to make waterfalls, made me need to display only the X value of a Vector3 in the Inspector, and the only way to do it was to create a custom Property…

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UI changes depending on the controller you are using, with events

I am currently doing a personal project, in which I wanted the UI elements in the scene to change depending on the type of controller being used. In my case, that it detects when it is an XBOX controller, PlayStation 5 and finally, keyboard and mouse. First of all, I warn that this is my…

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