Made in Unreal Engine and published on Steam, it’s the last year project at ESAT Valencia. Third person stealth game where you will have to face the dangers of a post apocalyptic world. Among others, my main tasks have been:

  • The creation UI system (C++) (main menu, pause menu, options, collectables, in game interface…).
  • Particle effects (rain, dust, falling leaves…).
  • Level 1 designer and other general design tasks.


It is a published small game in which you need to solve puzzles with diferent type of buildings.

This game was made in a few weeks and includes language changes with events, level selector, all models, all buildings icons and gameplay.

Download: ARCHILLTECT: Puzzle game

Project Cube

It is a 3D puzzle game published on Google Play, made with another partner.

I took care of the game loop, the graphic style, the entire interfaceand the database that makes it possible to load all the levels, which are loaded automatically depending on the number of entries in the database with SQlite.

Download: Project Cube

Flat Feelings

It is a small narrative game with puzzles, made to experience how a character could express himself through feelings, taking into account the environment while performing puzzles.

Two Souls

A small game made with a few people at a Game Jam in less than 48 hours. I made the game design and programmed parts of the game together with other colleagues.


It is a very small game in which you need to overcome all the levels in the shortest time possible, using your weapon to destroy, move or change the sizes of the objects.


Gravitar is a 1982 game, which has copied the first planetary system. All graphics are vectorial and it has a registration and login system with ImGui and SQlite.


Scramble is a 1982 game. A small graphics engine from ESAT has been used. An attempt has been made to copy the original game.


A small group work was done to try to replicate Jetpac. My duties were to get the ship parts collection and ship assembly system replicated, in addition to the game loop.